Thursday 1 July 2021

Britpart BXCC updates

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Tuesday 15 June 2021

BXCC Parkwood triumph for Kershaw

Multiple former champion Richard Kershaw came back to the Britpart British Cross Country Championship (BXCC) in style with victory in the opening round of the 2021 series, held at Parkwood in Tong. Paul Rowlands was second in his Polaris with Adrian Marfell in third.

Dry and sunny conditions greeted the crews as they tackled the opening runs of the challenging course. Ian Gregg was quickest on the first run in his Polaris, leading Marfell’s Fouquet by six seconds. Gregg extended his lead on the second run but Marfell battled back to be only three seconds off first place at the end of day one’s five runs. In third place, a further two seconds back, was Kershaw in his Lofthouse Evo with son Mason co-driving.

A further six runs took place on day two. Times continued to be tight at the top of the leaderboard, Marfell closing the gap to Gregg to one second after the first run and then taking the lead on the next one. Victory hopes were dashed on run 10 though when Marfell broke a driveshaft, dropping around 45 seconds compared to his usual pace. On the same run Gregg had mechanical issues which resulted in a stage maximum, dropping him down the leaderboard. Kershaw kept up his day one pace to take the lead with one run to go and he had a trouble free last lap to take the win.

“It’s been nine years since my last full British season, I can’t believe it”, said Kershaw. “What a weekend and to win with my son, it doesn’t get any better. It’s only the third event with the new Lofthouse car and there’s more development to come but we’ve got a great base to work from.”

Rowlands and co-driver Neil Lloyd finished second in their Polaris. They were also racing their new Lofthouse Freelander and took 8th place as well.

Rowlands commented: “Not a bad weekend, we broke a wheel on the first day but other than that we had good runs in both cars. It was my first event in the Lofthouse so I was driving at around 90%, there’s a lot more to come from that car at the next event at Sweet Lamb.”

Despite the broken shaft Marfell and Paul Bartleman held on to take third place.

“I’m gutted not to get the win, we’d managed to get into the lead after the 7th run and the win was in sight but it wasn’t to be. I’m pleased with our times, we set the fastest time of the whole weekend on one run. There’s still more development left in the car so we will fight on.”

2019 BXCC champion Justin Birchall and new co-driver Andy Powell were in fourth and Andy Degiulio and Paul Foley were fifth despite having to change a diff and suffering a broken driveshaft.

“We had a great first event,” said Degiulio. “I was a bit rusty at first with not racing for a long time. Towards the end of day one we noticed a vibration and transmission noise on the car. It got so bad on the final run of the day that you could feel it resonating through the car and we were waiting for something to go bang but we got to the end. We worked until 11pm on Saturday fitting our spare diff to the rear. Then on day two we broke a rear driveshaft, we managed to get it fixed though and we were happy with fifth place.”

Phill Bayliss and Lance Murfin were doing their first BXCC event in their Team OFG 3M AT Challenger and overcame several issues to finish sixth.

“What a weekend! Saturday started ok but then we got a puncture with damaged a ball joint on the second run. Queuing for the third run we lost all the electrics and had to roll back to the service area. We eventually found an issue with the emergency cut off switch. We finally started run three and I was in a rather stressed and annoyed mood, we were pushing hard but ended up going into a ditch. I kept the power on and we launched out of the ditch and off the road. Thankfully no damage was done but we were down in 14th place. Day two was a lot smoother and we set some competitive times to finish sixth overall and second in class. Thank you to everyone involved who set up and ran the event including all the marshals who sat out there in hot and dusty conditions.”

Finishing just outside of the top ten and beating several much more experienced competitors, including her dad, was Jasmine Philpott in her Warrior with Peter Widdop co-driving.

“This was my first stab at a BXCC event and I was really pleased with our result and proud to be just behind the fastest men,” said Philpott. “Pete is preparing the car this year and he’s done a great job and it’s showing in my times. We also had some advice on suspension set up from Anthony Jackson who is a very quick Warrior driver. I ran the course twice on Saturday morning and tried to memorise it – I’ll not be doing that at the longer Sweet Lamb course! The weekend was fairly uneventful mechanically, we had a leaky diff but it wasn’t too bad and we narrowly escaped a puncture on day two when I got a bit over-zealous and threw the back end into a rock. The wheel was broken but somehow we didn’t get a puncture.”

Debuting his new Lofthouse was Rob Bool with Victoria Vaughan navigating, they finished 14th overall.

“It took a bit of getting used to,” said Bool. “We had a few electrical issues on Saturday which lost us some time. Dan Lofthouse sorted them for us and also made some suspension adjustments at the end of the first day which improved the car a lot for the second day.”

One place behind Bool, and also debuting a new car, were Trophy crew Tom and Alice Jones in their Can-Am Maverick.

“Our aim for the weekend was to get a finish, we started Saturday well and were setting consistent times, not going too wild in the rough areas. By Sunday morning we were close on times with Matthew Hall who is also doing the Trophy championship in a similar car. Despite a puncture the times were very close and going into the last run we needed to do a 6:17 lap to secure the Trophy win. We pushed harder on the rougher areas and managed a 6:05, our fastest run of the weekend. The competition was really good and it was a great start to the championship.”

Mattserati crew Warren Roper and Alec Fern were joint third overall after the first run but a stage maximum on the fourth run ended hopes of a good result, they completed the event in 21st place.

“I’m new to the BXCC and I’ve never run on all-terrain tyres so I was very happy with our time on the first run,” said Roper. “We stiffened the rear shocks for run two but we ended up with no grip, spinning near the start. We went back to the original settings and started to learn the car and build confidence. The Sunday runs went well and we were setting top five times. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, massive thanks to all involved.”

The other crew in joint third place after run one were Dave and Antony Hooper in their supercharged Simmbugghini. Unfortunately they had a wiring issue which dropped them down to 40th place but they battled back, setting top six times and finishing 19th overall, top beam-axle car and first in class.

Martin James and Matt Lowe overcame several issues to finish in 32nd place in their Lofthouse.

“We had a couple of punctures early on day one which meant we had to limp to the finish losing at least a minute,” commented James. “After sitting on the start line while a stoppage was cleared the car wouldn’t start so we had to be towed back to the pits, thanks to John and Matt for helping strip and find that the plug for the fuel pump had given up. We got back out and completed the rest of our runs. The dramas weren’t over though as after resetting the flat shift at the end of the day the car wouldn’t start – the electronic kill switch had given up. Fortunately I had a spare. Day two was a lot smoother and it was nice to get to the finish. Our problems didn’t end there though, a wheel bearing let go on our trailer ¼ mile from the venue. Michael Kerfoot kindly helped out and we did a two hour round trip to Chorley to get another trailer, finally leaving the site at 9pm and getting home at 2am!”.

BXC Trophy crew Harry Nicoll and Emily Sibley, possibly the youngest crew in the championship this year with a combined age of 44, enjoyed their weekend in the Trophy class and finished 28th overall in their Tomcat.

Nicoll said: “We made a cautious start as the course was quite rough in places but we got quicker as the day progressed. Day 2 was going well but we bent a trackrod end on one run and were lucky not to snap it. We had a really great time pushing the car and we’re very happy with our pace. We couldn’t catch the UTV cars in the Trophy so it was nice just to have fun and learn more. It was a great course and event by all the team”.

Also racing in the Trophy, and on their first ever offroad event, were Reece and Sean Mathieson. They had a good day one in their Freelander but on the opening run of the second day a strut bolt sheared and the driveshaft came out resulting in a maximum and their first experience of the BXCC recovery team.

“What a great first event weekend, the car was brilliant and we’ve both bedded in well. We couldn’t be happier with the result both in terms of our times and the car’s performance. It all went pretty smoothly other than the strut issue but we were quickly recovered by the great recovery crews and our mechanic worked his magic! Massive thanks to Tony Devenport for his mechanical expertise and to Mike Wilson, the car’s former owner, for all his advice over the weekend. Our confidence is growing, we can’t wait for the next event.”

George and Jaqueline Bryson raced their Warrior Audoo Quattro for the first time and they battled to 35th place after a stage maximum on day one.

“I don’t think any of us had been so nervous about an event ever,” said George. “New car, new venue and not having raced for so long. Run one was like learning to drive again! We lost the wipers at the watersplash one one run which wasn’t ideal as there was bend over a drop right after it. At the same splash on the final run of day one the car stopped completely. We stripped half the car to get to the fuel pump only to discover that the problem was simply that the relay had fallen out! Day two started better, driver awake, car pulling great and the navigator on the button. The car then started losing power and the fuel pressure was dropping. I think the pump must have got damaged when it ran dry the day before. Anyway, we had some good runs and were pretty happy all things considered.”

Mike Wilson and Ian Letman were another crew coming straight into the BXCC with no racing for 18 months. Their objectives were to learn the car, not to break it and to finish and they achieved all three with their only real issues being a broken intercom on day one and Letman getting a shower on every run through the watersplash.

Excite Team GB debuted their Mitsubishi Pajero and were rewarded with a class win despite driver Jade Paveley and co-drivers Claire Williams and Hannah Davison never having competed in a cross country event before.

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In addition to championship sponsor Britpart the BXCC is supported by Voxcloud, Staffordshire Signs, Whitecliff 4×4, ORTyresUK, Birchall Foodservice,, PD Extinguishers, Devon Town and Country Roofing and Gwalia Healthcare.

Sunday 6 June 2021

Britpart BXCC to commence with Tong test

After a Covid-enforced absence the Britpart British Cross Country Championship (BXCC) will commence next weekend when some of the quickest offroad crews in the UK contest the opening round near Tong in Yorkshire.

The 2020 BXCC was completely cancelled and the first two scheduled events for 2021 were also not allowed to take place but, with an easing of restrictions, a four round championship is now planned with events at Sweet Lamb, Kielder and Walters in addition to Tong.

2019 champion Justin Birchall will be defending his title in his Lofthouse M3. He’ll have a new co-driver this season with Andy Powell joining the team. They contested their first event together in May, taking third overall at NORC Pickering. 

Also racing a Lofthouse will be Martin James who was planning on having his partner navigating for him.

“Unfortunately the logistics of getting to Yorkshire have meant my plans have changed,” said James. “Matt Lowe will be navigating for me now as, due to her work, my partner Chas won’t be able to get to the event in time. We’ve had to do a few tweaks to the car and change the seat for Matt. It’s sad that Chas can’t make it but it will be interesting having someone of Matt’s experience alongside me.”

One of the several new drivers to the BXCC this season is George Bryson who is more known for his stage rallying exploits. Bryson will be racing a Warrior Audoo Quattro. 

“After many many years of stage rallying we changed to off-road racing five years ago,” said Bryson. “We marshalled at a few events to get a feel for it and to meet some of the people involved. We decided to go for it in 2016 and entered the Borders Hill Rally before I’d even bought a car!” 

“We have really enjoyed the change in disciplines and, with the BXCC events being two days and sometimes over 100 miles of competition, we think it provides fantastic value for money. There’s a wide range of competitors with varying budgets but one common thing we have found is how friendly everyone is and how competitors help each other out.”

“I bought the Warrior ready for the 2020 BXCC and I drove it at a test day over a year ago and haven’t driven it since so it will be a real quick learning curve at Tong! I’m not expecting to be anywhere near the pace but I’m determined to just enjoy it this season along with a return to historic rallying.”

Jasmine Philpott will also be racing a Warrior, with Peter Widdop co-driving. Philpott has already been racing this season, most recently at the NORC event at Pickering. Unfortunately this event didn’t go quite to plan. 

Widdop commented: “There were a lot of issues after a broken rear diff on the first run at Pickering and then the car rolled on the last run. New doors have been fitted and the car is now in a million bits but it will be ready for Tong, hopefully we will have a clear run.”

Cumbrian driver Mike Wilson will be giving his new Polaris its BXCC debut and he’ll have Ian Letman navigating as usual. Wilson will also be debuting his new luxury accommodation.

“A trusty Ducato van did us proud for five seasons but we’ve replaced it with a new truck which accommodates both car and crew,” said Wilson. “It seems such a long time since we were last out and I am sure there will be a degree of rust on both driver and navigator but after a couple of runs we will find our feet.”

Wilson’s old Freelander is now in the hands of father and son team Sean and Reece Mathieson who’ll be sharing driving duties. Both have experience of navigating in the BXCC but it will be their first time driving.

The event will start at 12pm on Saturday 12th June with competitors racing until around 6pm. There will be further action on Sunday with prize-giving expected to be at around 4pm

In addition to championship sponsor Britpart the BXCC is supported by Voxcloud, Staffordshire Signs, Whitecliff 4x4, ORTyresUK, Birchall Foodservice,, PD Extinguishers, Devon Town and Country Roofing and Gwalia Healthcare. The Tong event is supported by Bondcroft ATVs. 

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Monday 17 May 2021

Riley to support ChemoHero during BXCC campaign

Britpart BXCC driver Oisin Riley will be raising awareness of North Devon charity ChemoHero this season as he debuts his new Lofthouse Fiesta car.

ChemoHero was founded in 2014 and their team of volunteers provide "boxes of kindness" to patients when undergoing their first chemotherapy treatment at North Devon District Hospital. The boxes contain over 40 items and in excess of 1,500 boxes have been provided since the charity started. 

"ChemoHero's volunteers do an amazing job," said Riley. "As well as making a donation I wanted to help raise awareness of the great work they are doing so I decided to promote them via the livery on my race car, hopefully people will see the name and consider offering support."

"The new car has a 6 litre LS2 engine, it's rather different to the 1 litre Polaris I raced previously! We've been doing some testing with fellow BXCC driver Paul Rowlands in Wales and I can't wait to get the season started. Thanks to Paul and Dan Lofthouse for the test." 

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Wednesday 24 March 2021

BXCC worth the weight for Howse

James Howse will be navigating in the Britpart BXCC this season after winning a weight loss bet!

Driver Rod Parker made the bet with Howse, the outcome being that if Howse could lose over half his body weight then he could race in Parker's Gwalia Healthcare-backed Milner R5. 

Inspired by the challenge Howse embarked on his weight loss plan and successfully achieved his target. He will therefore be on the start line of BXCC round 1 in June.

Howse commented: "I'm really looking forward to racing this season, Rod's bet gave me the incentive to shift some weight. I could not have fitted into the Milner before!"

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Wednesday 17 March 2021

Mr and Mrs Jones to contest BCC Trophy Championship

Tom Jones and wife Alice will contest the British Cross Country Trophy Championship this year in their Can Am Maverick X3.

The pair entered one BXCC round in 2019, finishing 9th overall at Sweet Lamb, but they'll be doing the full Trophy season in 2021.

"We had a great time racing with the BXCC at Sweet Lamb," said Tom. "We're really looking forward to competing in the Trophy championship this year. The car is still in build but we're getting nearer to finishing. Roll on June!"

Saturday 13 March 2021

Martin James to return to BXCC after 12 year gap

Martin James will race his Lofthouse Freelander in the Britpart BXCC this season, 12 years after finishing second in the Trophy championship. Charly Morgan will be navigating. 

"It's good to be back in the BXCC after such a long time," said James. "It's a whole different ball game now with a long list of quality cars and drivers. There are currently eight Lofthouse cars on the entry list so it'll be good to mix it up with them."

"We've been busy working on the car so the delayed start to the season has made it possible for us to enter. With Chas again in the co-driver's seat we are really looking forward to a great championship!"

Jefferson back in the BXCC for 2021

Toby Jefferson will be contesting the Britpart BXCC this year with two different navigators in his James Law Chemicals-supported GSR 206. Karl Gudgeon will be in the car for Sweet Lamb and Walters and Adam Evans in for Slate Mountain and Kielder.

"I'm looking forward to get back racing again," said Jefferson. "Karl is planning on racing his own car at two of the events so Adam will be my co-driver for those. It looks like it will be a great season, thanks to all those who are going to make the racing possible."

Friday 12 March 2021

Degiulio to make BXCC return in Milner R5

Andy Degiulio has announced plans to return to the BXCC this season in his AJD Offroad Milner R5.

"I'm really looking forward to getting back in the driving seat," said Degiulio. "It looks like it's shaping up to be a great championship. I hope I'm on the pace and can get right up the sharp end amongst all the new Lofthouse cars that have entered!"

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Hill and Canterbury ready for BXCC debut

Steve Hill and Jim Canterbury will make their Britpart BXCC debut this season.

They'll be using a LS3-powered indy Simmbugghini. 

Hooper ready for BXCC Simmbugghini challenge

Dave Hooper will be bringing his Jaguar-engined Simmbugghini to the BXCC this season, a car that previously appeared in the championship in the hands of Jonny Koonja.

Hooper will be joined in the car by Dad Tony who will be competing for the first time.

During lockdown the car has had extensive work rebuilding the gearbox, transfer box and axles, it's also had a visit to the rolling road. 

Hooper will be supported by Whitecliff 4x4, Royal Lodge, Allisport, Essential Wraps and DJM Motorsport and he'll be reporting progress on his racing on

Cox Motorsport plans two-car assault on BXCC

The Cox Motorsport team are planning to field two cars in the BXCC this season with both Aston Cox and father Martin using new GSRs.

The Cox family have supported the championship for many years and in 2019 both Aston and Martin drove their GSR 206. However, they'll be separate cars this year so there should be a good family battle!

Whilst both new cars are GSRs they are powered by very different engines. Aston's car has a 1400cc Kawasaki engine whilst Martin's has a RPE V8. 

Aston will have 2019 BXCC champion co-driver Jonny Koonja in the car while Martin will be co-driven by Mass Racing's Stuart Delf. 


Monday 8 March 2021

Team OFG back for more BXCC

Team OFG crew Phill Bayliss and Lance Murfin will once again be racing in the BXCC. The pairing achieved several podium positions in the 2019 season.  

Bayliss commented: "We're not such what vehicle we'll be racing in yet but we're excited to be competing again. We're expanding the OFG business premises in Lincoln at the moment so it's going to be a very busy year!"

Chloe excited to race in the BXCC again

Chloe Jones will return to the BXCC in 2021 having won the Class 7 championship in 2019. 

Jones will be in a new car this season, swapping her QT 88 for a FIA-spec T2 Mitsubishi. She will form part of the all-female Excite Dakar Rally Team who are hoping to race in some European events this year as well as the BXCC.

Jones will be supported by Morris Lubricants, Rhodes Vans, Waugh Group Corporate Clothing, Wilderness Lighting, JR Motors Vehicle Body Repair Centre, Insignia Signs and IML Sports Marketing.

Father and son team to take on BXCC Trophy challenge

Reece and Sean Mathieson will be making their Britpart BXCC driving debut this year when they compete in the BXCC Trophy in their ex-Mike Wilson Land Rover Freelander.

Reece and Dad Sean have both co-driven in the BXCC, Reece with the car's former owner and Sean with John Pickering in a Land Rover Discovery.

"I got into rallying in 2018 and my passion for motorsport really grew having followed my Dad's interest and participation in the BXCC and hill rallies," said Reece. "Things really took off for me in 2019 when I was asked to co-drive for Mike Wilson at Sweet Lamb when I was aged 19. I knew then that I really had to find a car for us to compete as a father and son team."

"With Mike buying a new car the opportunity arose to buy the Freelander and it was too good to turn down. We've made a handful of small modifications and we've done a little bit of testing but nothing like the terrain we'll be racing on in the BXCC."

"Our plan is to dual drive and share the runs and events between us. This should help both the competition against the other crews and between ourselves to see who sets the fastest times and, more importantly, who takes home the bragging rights!"

"The car will be supported by Glazier Leaper Welding and Fabrication, Powerflex and Demon Tweeks. It's daunting but exciting, there's going to be a lot to learn for us both. We can't wait to get out there!"

Sunday 7 March 2021

Clarkson and Budgen team up for BXCC challenge

Rebecca Clarkson and Claire Budgen will team up for the first time to race in the 2021 Britpart BXCC.

They will use the Warrior Rivet that Clarkson drove to second overall in the Northern Off Road Championship in 2019, with support from Warrior Off Road Racing, Bondcroft ATVs, Suzuki ATV UK, N.J.Lawson Groundworks, Hippo Motor Group and MW & RF Brewsters.

Although it'll be her first time driving in the BXCC, Clarkson is no stranger to the championship having navigated Rick Mann to a win in the Sweet Lamb round in 2019.

"It'll be my first time racing with Claire and I'm really looking forward to it," said Clarkson. "I know she'll shout and swear at me if I don't listen so I'll be obeying her instructions!"

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Entries now live

Britpart BXCC entries are now live.

Visit for regs and entry details.

Wilson and Letman set for Polaris BXCC debut

Mike Wilson and Ian Letman will be racing in the BXCC in 2021. After using a production-spec Freelander for several years the crew will be in a Polaris RZR1000X, backed by Lambert's of Lancaster ( and Gibson's of Kendal ( with technical support from Gregg Motorsport.

Wilson, from Cumbria, commented: "We bought the car for last season but, other than a quick test and a trials event, we've not had the opportunity to use it so it will be great to finally get racing!"

Britpart BXCC 2021 - hopefully we can go racing!

Organisers of the Britpart BXCC have announced a calendar for the 2021 championship. Originally six events were planned but due to Covid-19 restrictions the first two events will not be happening so the 2021 championship will have four events: Slate Mountain, Sweet Lamb, Kielder and Walters.

Entries go live at 7pm on Sunday 7th March, regulations and entry details can be obtained from