Sunday, 23 March 2014

EMMU rescue to continue to benefit from MIS Motorsport support

Motorsport rescue service EMMU will continue to be supported by MIS Motorsport in 2014 after the Kent-based motorsport insurance provider funded the replacement cost of one of the unit’s patient monitors.
MIS Motorsport started their support last year when they sponsored the purchase of two cordless saws for EMMU. The saws are a vital tool in the process of aiding the extraction of casualties from crashed vehicles.

The new patient monitor will allow the EMMU crew members to monitor all the parameters associated with an injured patient including pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels and temperature.
EMMU crew chief Stuart Westbrook commented: “The patient monitor plays a hugely important part in dealing with casualties, we can keep track of the main parameters and target our actions appropriately.”

“I’m very grateful to MIS Motorsport for their continued support. We are a voluntary service so help from businesses such as MIS Motorsport is vital in ensuring we can continue to provide the best quality motorsport rescue service.”
The EMMU rescue service is based in Morecambe and they cover events all over the UK including providing cover for the Ford World Rally Team test days. More information can be found on