Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sutcliffe returns with improved Bowler for BCCC

Norfolk driver Dean Sutcliffe will once again contest the Britpart BCCC MSA British Cross Country Championship in 2010.

The AMEC project manager will be using his familiar Bowler Vengimaroda but after a number of changes to the car he is hoping to be on the pace of the higher powered Bowlers of his competitors.

“The ever committed service crew have spent most weekends working on the car, travelling from Lancashire and Yorkshire to help me out,” said Sutcliffe.

“We’ve done a lot of work on the drivetrain shafts and diffs and we’ve also reworked the suspension. We have been working with Milner Off Road on the shock settings and spring rates to improve the handling of the car”.

“We’re hoping to have a new Rover 4.6 litre engine in the car in time for round two which will give us some more power. We’ve built the engine ourselves using tuning parts from RPI Engineering of Norwich”.

Due to work commitments Sutcliffe was only able to compete on three rounds last year but he is hopeful of a full season this year.

“We’re intending to contest all the rounds and the aim is to score plenty of points and enjoy every mile that we do.”

“For me the BCCC provides the whole package for a brilliant weekend. You get two days racing, excellent organisation, timing, catering and medical staff. You even get flapjack from Debbie Difflock when you break down in the course!”

“It’s more or less like having an extended family that you don’t see for ages and then you all get together at the events. There is some real driving talent in the championship and characters who will remain nameless or should that be shameless!”.

“The events have good mileage and the courses have something for everyone. We use AT control tyres so we’re doing our bit to minimise the environmental impact of our sport as well.”

Sutlcliffe’s BCCC campaign will kick off at round one on the weekend of 17/18th April.