Monday, 4 May 2009

Rachel gets to the finish at sunny Three Sisters

Carlisle rally co-driver Rachel Medich was in action again at the weekend when she contested the Procare Stages at the Three Sisters race circuit near Wigan. Rachel was competing in a Talbot Sunbeam with Martin Lynch and they finished 25th overall after 12 stages at a very sunny venue. Rachel tells us about her event in this exclusive interview.

Was this your first time competing at Three Sisters? What did you think of the venue?

It was actually my second time there in the MGL Transport LTD backed Talbot Sunbeam, we did the event last year, it was one of our few finishes in 2008. I think it's a fantastic venue with a very reasonable entry fee, it's the type of place you go to for a tarmac test or even just to get a finish, it's good fun, you can entertain the crowd for sure.

Martin has been competing more in the forests lately, how did he do on the tarmac?

He thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the "drifting" corner. It was run in both directions but he seemed to go quicker when we were using the circuit right handed. He's finished every time he's been there so far and he says he's definitely a tarmac man but, although he may not admit it, I think he has a big soft spot for the forests and he's entertaining in there!

You crossed the finish line totally sideways at one point, what was going on there?

We did it a few times, we came out of a hairpin right and as Martin put the power down the back end tried to overtake the front resulting in a full-on broadside over the finish and a cheer from the stop line. That's what makes rear wheel drive extra special, not only is it good fun in the car, the spectators love it and Martin is only too happy to indulge everyone.

Any other incidents during the day?

Yes, aside from the many, many sideways incidents we managed to clip a kerb and almost roll. I wouldn't mind but I was concentrating so hard I didn't notice until we thumped back down onto the track. Of course it was me up in the air which makes it even stranger that I didn't notice. I did however see the looks on the marshals' faces, poised for action springs to mind. I'm still waiting on a photograph of it but it would appear that no one caught it on camera.

It must be pleasing to complete an event in the Sunbeam after you've had a few retirements in it?

Yes it is, I was very happy for Martin, he has the worst luck of anyone I've known in rallying. It's not just the Sunbeam we've had retirements in, we didn't fair much better in "The Beast" which is an Ascona-engined Peugeot 306 painted in battle ship grey matt paint. That thing is VERY sideways. We had a joke going into one of the final stages that we were so tired because we never usually got that far and our bodies had already switched off. Martin has won the Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club's "piston broke" trophy for two years in a row, it's awarded to the person with the most retirements, we don't want him winning it again.

Did you have a Three Sisters breakfast?

I had a bacon roll. Everyone has their little pre-rally traditions and mine is to have a bacon roll. The only time I haven't managed was on Mull and that was a combination of extreme nerves and the fact that our start time was 21.10 and we'd not long since had supper. Martin and Ian, our service chap, indulged in a full works breakfast though.

When are you planning to be out next?

My next event will be on the 7th June at Weeton where I will be part of a 50th birthday present for one of my drivers Dad's, he'll be presented with everything from the car and racesuit to codriver (me). We have a feeling he's going to love it!