Monday, 21 February 2011

Regs available for the 2011 Britpart MSA BCCC

Regulations are now available for the 2011 Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

The 2011 championship will comprise six two-day competitive safaris with the best five out of six scores to count towards the final championship classification. It is open to all drivers who register prior to April 1st 2011 and start at least five out of the six events. Drivers will require a National A, or higher, competition licence.

The championship entry fee is £1,200 which can be paid in full on entry or by an initial payment of £700 and two post-dated cheques of £250 each dated June 1st and September 1st 2011 respectively.

A Trophy championship for drivers who have never have competed in a competitive safari at greater than National B status will run alongside the main championship.

The championship will kick off in April with the opening round at Pikes Peak in Mid-Wales, a new venue for 2011. Supplier of parts and accessories for Land Rover vehicles Britpart will continue their sponsorship of the series and media coverage will once again be provided by Songasport and MC Video, with each event being shown on television as part of the Special Stage show on Motors TV.

The regulations and entry form can be downloaded by clicking here.

2011 Britpart MSA BCCC Calendar:

April 16/17: Pikes Peak
May 14/15: Ringwood
June 11/12: Forrest Lodge
July 30/31: Radnor
September 17/18: Sweet Lamb
October 15/16: Cardiff or Swynnerton